Throw me a line,

As to define
our current situation.

Give me a little,
Not to affect this brittle
broken heart of mine.

Step up to the plate,
And communicate
contained feelings deep inside.

Rise up above,
Like a dove
and spread that love.

The man and the coconut.

There once was a wealthy man, a man of such riches that felt he couldn’t spend all of his money fast enough. This man had all of the gold in the land, an abundance of food and drink and shared the bed with any women he chose. This man believed he was the wealthiest and the happiest, he measured his success by the possessions he had. One day a terrible storm rolled in and the man paid no mind to this storm he didn’t lock away his food so that it would keep through the storm nor did he stop drinking his wine with all his mistresses. This storm was like no other storm any had encountered, it was a storm that had come from the heavens and rained down a path of chaos and destruction. Out by the sea (where this wealthy mans home was) his boats began to slowly fall with the tide, but what tide recedes so quickly at such an odd hour of the day? Well a tide which is about to bring upon a wave like no other seen before. Before the wave fell upon the land the animals acted in such an odd way that the townspeople all fled because they knew disaster was on it’s way. Suddenly the land began to shake and the wealthy man stood up only to see that before him a wall of absolute darkness stared right back at him. The man whose only concerns were his money ran to his gold but was swept away by the sudden gush of force behind him. Struggling to battle the wave the man fought for the first time in his life, he fought to survive. With one last ounce of energy he had in him he clamped his body onto the top of a coconut tree and thought about all that he had to live for all of his possessions he had lost because of his carelessness. Soon the current began to subside and the man was able to climb down from the tree clutching one coconut to him. He looked around him and all he could see was the remains of what could have once been a beautiful city. Not knowing where he was he began to look for others so they may help him find his way home. But the more he looked the more he realized he was all alone. It began to get dark and the man needed to find shelter but he had never relied on himself before so his beginning attempts were futile until finally after almost giving up he started a fire and had a roof over his head so not to get rained on in the night. He was very hungry but decided to save his coconut until morning or when he really needed it. When the sun arose the next day the man had no energy and awoke almost desperate to find at least another person to help him. He started to walk, he didn’t know where only letting his feet take him. Instead of eating the coconut he used it as a weapon to kill small animals and insects for food. The man went on for weeks salvaging what he could, trying to find any connection to society just to know he wasn’t alone. He began to confide in himself how foolish he had been for not knowing the ways of the land and not being able to fend for himself or provide anything of substance. One morning he awoke to a noise, a noise he had not heard in quite some time: the voice of a small child. As soon as he realized what is was he was hearing he shot up in disbelief and ran towards the little boy. Frightened by the sudden stranger coming towards him the boy began to run to his parents. The parents merely feet away saw everything that had just happened and raised weapons to the man who stopped dead in his tracks. “What of you to frighten my son?”, said the father. “I am merely a wealthy man trying to find my way back home”, said the man. “Well what of your wealth, I only see a poor man in front of me. What do you have to offer me in return for my assistance?”. The man thought for a while and presented the coconut he had been holding onto for some time. Almost instantly the father began to burst into laughter. “Man, this is no wealth. This is the lands gift to me, not yours. Is this a joke?” The man was shocked and suddenly fell to his knees. He began to proclaim, “sir I once was a wealthy man, I was a fool. I now kneel here before you, a poor man asking you to aid me in my travels. I wish to know the ways of the land and to provide for myself. Will you help me?” The father went to his wife and asked her opinion, both being healers they knew the man had a strong heart that needed guidance and agreed to take him under their wings. To seal the deal they cracked open the coconut and shared the perfectly ripened meat. When the man began to drink the milk of the coconut he no longer felt like a wealthy man, but at that moment he knew true happiness.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
– Maya Angelou (via pbsamericanmasters)